Kevin Conwell

I will ____- a branding ____ focused on ____ , ____ , and filling in the blank.

About Mr. "Wake Hustle Grind"

Always on my grind I created a Digital Design and Online Media Company to focus on cultivating new brands and re-establishing brand identity for existing companies. I provide solutions for small and large organization entities. I created a simple solutions services company to get any brand established and to market fast. My award-winning background and knowledge in marketing and graphic design since 2007 makes me not only a knowledgeable asset to any organization, but a complete package. I have completed marketing projects ranging from $2,000 - $300,000.00 within the past 10 years. This year alone we have re branded over 400+ logos for small and international clients.

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Creative Director/ Graphic & Web Designer

Kevin a. Conwell

• Assignments involved pre-marketing, post-marketing and price/cost analysis functions containing variety of complexities for marketing and advertising online, television, print, and social media.
• Knowledge of price/cost analysis analyzes marketing strategies and recommends appropriate course of action.
• Review initial customer marketing needs package for adequacy and compliance with marketing regulatory agency within the United States regulatory and procedural requirements.
• Provide aid in the planning and coordination of marketing activities for the recommended ROI, consistency with current market practices and conditions and provides recommendations to clients.
• Plans and assists in carrying out the tasking, aids in selecting the approaches and techniques to be used for traditional and non-traditional strategies
• Perform market research/analysis to determine availability of the requirement; analyze market trends, conditions and technological advances; and recommend appropriate marketing techniques and procedures to solve various consumer reach problems.
• Analyze difficult marketing issues and recommended course of action, which may depart from previous approaches for customers
• Prepare negotiation position recommendation for long term marketing packages, including analysis and recommendation of allowable costs and determination of profit.
• Prepare SEO or Data reports that support customers marketing plan.
• Research and recommend appropriate action.
• Prepare monthly reports, but not less than quarterly, accounting of all expenditures/obligations against each marketing contract

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